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У нас на сайте есть все: картинки юмор, юмористические истории, юмористический журнал, скачать прикольные истории, короткие анекдоты - афоризмы и высказывания, английские афоризмы, афоризмы про это Рус-хумор - афоризмы и высказывания, английские афоризмы, афоризмы про это - афоризмы и высказывания, английские афоризмы, афоризмы про это Рус-хумор - афоризмы и высказывания, английские афоризмы, афоризмы про это - афоризмы и высказывания, английские афоризмы, афоризмы про это
Рус-хумор - афоризмы и высказывания, английские афоризмы, афоризмы про это - афоризмы и высказывания, английские афоризмы, афоризмы про это

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Super-Bat Gator-Puppy
Super-Bat Gator-Puppy (themepost) by Puffnasty

ScorBeeZard by claven

Please view full. Thanks
Rhino, Ram, Cormorant

Rhiramco by Trit

Cross between a Koala, Owl, and a Beagle.

Koawleagle by daisiem

Crocowliger by Drorak

Monarch Pizard
The Monarch Pizard - recently discovered in the Indian Rainforests - photographed by Dilbert2003 (for those of you who can't see it, its a cross between the Monarch Butterfly's caterpillar, a pig and a lizard!)

Monarch Pizard by dilbert2003

**please view full**

Chimpuanahopper by CourtneyCox-Zucker

Tasmanian Totisiadillo
furry armadillo source

Tasmanian Totisiadillo by solipsism

Horned Egon
A larger version can be found here

Horned Egon by Cj

This is the rare moozard. Never before seen in daylight.

Moozard by KumlaJpeg

squeep goose
squeep goose by Clementine

It's a Cruppy! Dog-Rat-Camel

Dog-Rat-Camel by gkoochin

It's a... Parrottweiler!

Had to throw in a snake's tongue as well, to make the 3-animal minimum

Parrottweiler by maximilian


view full for detail, thanks

hedgehog-lemur-sheep by duchamp

Secret Weapon
Secret Weapon by Garsaelon

CATerpillar (cat and caterpillar in one)

Had to throw in dragonfly wings as well to make the 3-animal minimum

CATerpillar by maximilian

Red Ants
This is a blend of a rhino, an ant head and a scorpions tail. The ant hole and pencil is for scale. They all came from photo's, but they were very different colors and scales (obviousely) So there was a bit of touch up... by the way, do you see his little buddies? I certainly hope that this is not real, I distinctly remeber burning some of those guys with a magnifying glass as a kid.It's my first try at this, and was fun to do. I hope you enjoy it.

Red Ants by ArtistaSLO

shrimpster crab
Yum!! Shrimp, lobster and crab legs all in one. And only $75 a lb.

shrimpster crab by jlouis

Horny cat dragon
Horny cat dragon by Jolt

Boxer, horse and bunny ears.

Dogbiscuit by Bignamestar

The rare North American shotterphant.

Shotterphant by lilwolf

Why are you staring at me so incredulous? As you clearly can see, I'm a hungry HorseCatoPhant!

HorseCat-o-Phant by nixArt

Flying Snakefrog
Flying Snakefrog by frogsgs

Lobstre- Baboon-Caterpillar
Lobstre- Baboon-Caterpillar by gkoochin

Cooncatbird by Jolt

Monday night: single, dateless, broke, don't watch football, half a pack of cigarettes, a 12 pack in the fridge, and 100 minutes to the midnight deadline?
Fck it, let's PhotoShop this one.

Fetch by doccm9

1/3 opossum, 1/3 tiger, 1/3 treefrog, 100% unusual as Jersey

chimaera by Chris

Serval, parrot, and horse

Polly by Garsaelon

Eagleguana Puppy
The puppy of next generation: iguana dog with eagle eye and snake skin

Eagleguana Puppy by Dunga2

Turtle Cobra
Turtle Cobra by spambutterfly

Praying Scorpito
Compression victim, Please view full
Praying Mantis

If this nightmare bites you, don't fight it.

Praying Scorpito by Vortex

Two Horned Chinchillephant
Fear the mighty two horned chinchillephant. Please comment

Two Horned Chinchillephant by guitarzan

This little varmint was caught on film as he was peeking in my basement window. He seems to like unsalted peanuts.

Squirhuahualope by hesredbird

Demented Kitten
Who doesnt love demented kittens?

Demented Kitten by bloodygrape

FlyingAlbinoMetaltoothRhino Mink
FlyingAlbinoMetaltoothRhino Mink by Jolt

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